Management Associates

Management Associates is a values-based management training and organizational development. Over the past quarter-century we have served clients in industries ranging from heavy manufacturing, healthcare, and education, to finance, technology, and social services.

We specialize in helping leaders re-frame the way they look at underlying values, everyday behaviors, and the systems that surround them.

Alan Scheffer

As founder and president of Management Associates, Alan has assisted countless leaders, executive teams, and organizations. His 40 years of experience in management and organizational development have given him a thorough aptitude for building models of thought, an expansive knowledge of the human dynamics of change, and a deep appreciation for the need to synthesizes research and experience into a profound and practical leadership discipline. He also creates digitally-enhanced photography and watches American Idol with a regularity that borders on devout.

Nancy Braun

As a co-founder of Management Associates, Nancy has more than 20 years of experience in helping organizations define and pursue meaningful goals. Well acquainted with the challenges facing both large and small companies, she is skilled in interviewing personnel at all levels and has particular expertise in analyzing corporate culture and uncovering obstacles to growth and achievement. She also publishes poetry, has a fascination with the color red, and once cooked a meal that ended with the involvement of the local fire department.

Mark Scheffer

As the most recent addition to the Management Associates team, Mark has written for values-based/nonprofit organizations from the skyscrapers of Manhattan to the islands of the South Pacific. With Management Associates, he has published concepts from Hanging the Mirror in trade journals such as SuperVision magazine and Perdido: Leadership With a Conscience. He also plays string bass, owns a cat named Bird, and makes pretenses toward cooking a variety of Indian cuisine.

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